Not All Bacon is the Same 

It is hard to go wrong by adding bacon to breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. Everything tastes better with bacon. 24/7 Wall st. did a list of the worst bacon sold in grocery stores by analyzing the reviews. Utah buys a lot of the worst. 


Top of the list for the most poorly reviewed bacon is Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon sold at Walmart. It has an average of 2.2 stars and will only run you $3.98 which is probably why Utahns buy a lot of it. 

A Closer Look at the Online Reviews 

The Walmart website has 713 reviews for this product and 442 of them are only one star. Many of the complaints have to do with the packaging. “The bacon that I was given after I purchased it was not sealed and it is brown!” said one review labeled “Awful”.  

Even the positive reviews were more about the delivery service more than the actual product. The negative comments far out number the positive. One noted the bacon was “thin as paper” and that it shriveled to almost nothing when it was cooked. 

What About Turkey Bacon? 

The Jenny-O Turkey bacon won for the worst reviews with most noting that it was slimy when it came out of the package. Ironically, the Great Value Turkey Bacon was ranked among the best. They must have a different packaging plant for the turkey product. 

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Bacon is delicious, but it can be disappointing when you end up with mostly fat little crispy things. That doesn’t seem to slow most of us buying it up the cheap stuff anyway. 

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