Great Food with Large Portions and Small Price

This is one of the best deals for lunch in Southern Utah. I ate at Riggatti's Wood Fire Pizza in Washington and was treated to a personal pizza that was more like a small anywhere else. It also came with a trip to the salad bar and a drink. 

Where many places are hitting $15 for a burger and the drink and fries are extra, this lunch deal at Riggatti's was $11.99. That is an inflation busting price. Not only was it a great deal, but the pizza is amazing. The crust is delicious, and the wood fire is the best.

Two Locations Serving Up Hand-Tossed Wood-Fired Pizza 

Riggatti's is a Southern Utah original and there are two locations in St. George and in Washington. I tasted the Limone Pizza and the Brandy’s Luau. The cheese and toppings went so well together it was a delight. 

The salad bar was fresh, and I could build it my way with a bit of potato salad on the side. Add a diet Dr. Pepper and I was set. I went away very satisfied and honestly should have taken some of it in a box.

On My List of Places to Visit More Often 

Everyone has a list of food places they like to go to on a regular basis. Riggatti's has made that list especially when someone asks me to go to lunch. It is a place that obviously takes pride in what they do, and it is reflected in the food and service. 

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