Cringy Pet Names

When you have a significant other, most people develop pet names for each other. These can be gaggy to overhear in public. I always refer to my wife as “honey” on the phone and had no idea that it was grossing out my co-workers until a couple of them gently let me know that it made them shudder. 

I kind of feel the same way when I hear people use “babe” talking in public to each other. These nicknames are a way to show affection and hearing them said in a sappy way makes you feel like you are a peeping Tom sneaking a look in their bedroom window. I want to get away as fast as possible.

Utah Uses This Pet Name Most 

Research that analyzed tweets to see what nickname each state used most show different areas preferences. Utah shared “cutie” with nine other states. That’s not too bad. I like it better than some of the others on the list like “baby daddy” or “sugar daddy”. Yuck. 


Anything said with baby talk is going to make others uncomfortable. “My little Wumby Bumby,” said like you are talking to an infant will bring up last night's dinner. Also, anything that sounds sexual. Not fun for anyone overhearing that conversation.

Cannot Be Shared 

One thing this author notes is that any name you call your partner should not be used with anyone else. You should not be calling your friend’s wife the nick name for your significant other. That is not going to be a fun conversation to have on the drive home. 

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