Walmart Grocery Pick Up Expanded 

The ability to shop online and have someone deliver your groceries to your trunk in my opinion is one of the greatest innovations of my lifetime. It isn’t that I don’t love wandering the aisles searching for pasta noodles, but the last few years have made shopping a dream. 

Walmart in Washington has revamped their store and especially the grocery pick up location and increasing the available parking spots. The side of the store that had a lawn and garden now has close to 50 stalls to park in and has increased the times available on the app. 

If you have never experienced this innovation, you should. On the app you select the items you want and submit the order. You get a text when the order is ready. You park in a numbered stall and text that number back and soon a friendly employee brings out your goods and puts them in the trunk, without you ever having to leave the car.  


What Was with This Thoughtful Customer? 

When I went to pick my order, my wife said, “Really 33, you couldn’t park any closer.” I looked up to see the parking lot full of open spaces. This vehicle had chosen one clear out in the north 40. Seems like you could be mindful of the friendly employee and how far they have to walk. 

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Maybe I have it wrong. Perhaps there were 32 other cars that left just before I pulled in. I want to believe the best about people. Just don’t make them walk that far when it is 120 degrees on the blacktop in St. George this summer. 

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