52 Churches in 52 Weeks 

Last year David Boice set himself a challenge of visiting 52 different churches across America in 52 weeks and post it on YouTube and other social sites. He saw it as a way to make a bridge between the different religions.  

The project aims to exemplify love, understanding, and bridge the gap between different Christ-focused religious affiliations. 

He visited Catholics and Protestant churches of all denominations. He included the Jehovah Witness and of interest to Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

Boice attended General Conference, where the leaders of the church spoke in Salt Lake last year and he came away impressed. These videos gained him a following in Utah. 

Surprising Announcement to His Subscribers 

Yesterday, those who follow Boice, received notification of a new video that was labeled “I Got BAPTIZED – My Bizarre LDS Conversion Story”. The video begins with him just about to head to a chapel for his baptismal service. 

In the video he describes how he came to this point in his life. He says how he knows this decision will have an impact on his friendships and those who follow him on social media. It is a raw and vulnerable video. 

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Many in Utah, including myself, have followed this channel. When this new video popped on to my feed, it caught my attention. I was on my way to visit a neighbor and found she was watching it as well. I would imagine by how many views there were overnight, this played out all over Utah. 

Where Does 52 Churches in 52 Weeks Go from Here? 

“This is not the popular decision,” said Boice in the video. He acknowledges this will impact those who follow him. He has some ideas of where his channel may go from here and he is willing to take his followers input. 

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