NHL Team Coming to Utah

The Arizona Coyotes are leaving and have decided to move to Utah. The NHL executive committee has approved of the move and now it goes to the 32 teams for their approval. Things are looking good for the move.

Even though the franchise is moving to Utah, the logo and mascot are staying with the current team owner in Arizona who hopes to use them in the future. That means Utah needs to come up with a mascot, logos, colors and jerseys. A whole new brand.

Utah Fans Inspiration

The new team moving to Utah has inspired NHL fans to design possible mascots and jerseys. Here are some good ones:

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community on Reddit

These are cool. It is hard to beat The Utah Yetis. The Salt Lake Eagles sounds like a middle school mascot but I get that it is a throw back to an earlier farm team. I came up with my own ideas and these may not be any good but it is fun to dream of naming a team.

Here are my suggestions

The Utah Crag: Gets the Utah mountains in there and sounds disturbing.

The Salt Lake Swarm: Nod to the beehive state.

The Utah Rut: Elk are big and dangerous and this is when they start to fight.

The Utah Frost Bite: It's hockey, it should be something cold.

The Destroying Angels: A nod to the religious nature of Utah. Also could be the angels of death.

I'm not sure any of these would make the first round of team mascots. Maybe if I could design some killer jerseys they would have a chance. What would you name Utah's new NHL team if you could?

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