New Shopping Cart Designs Becoming a Hot Topic 

Walmart is bringing in new carts that have a slot where you put your phone and a drink holder. Surprisingly, some people are less than thrilled. This has resulted in a discussion of the best shopping carts and what they should look like. 

Their main complaint about the Walmart carts has been the height of them. People who are shorter have said it gives them neck problems. Others appreciate the taller carts as they have noticed an improvement in theirs and other’s posture.

Do You Need to Scroll While You Shop? 

Others were not happy about the phone holder and were disgusted with people who have to have their phone in their face at all times. I like the drink holder, but I don’t want to bring my mug in as I feel they might think I am stealing it when I walk out.

It is funny how the wrong cart makes you feel awkward. Some places have those half carts that have wheels but are shorter. Those are weird to maneuver, and it seems like I could just carry the items inside.

The flat carts and slotted carts at home improvement places make you feel like you need a wide load sign beeping in front of you. This is especially wild if you are trying to tow one through Costco. 

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What do you think? Do you need a drink holder in your cart? What place has the best carts in Southern Utah?

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