Walmart Prices 

In some good news among all the price hikes everywhere you turn, Walmart recently announced they are lowering prices on some items to what they were before inflation went crazy. They are lowering prices on staples like eggs, bread and fruit. 

The CEO, John R. Furner, noted on an earnings call that these will have an impact on those cooking an Easter dinner for the family. The French bread in the bakery is going back to just $1.00 and they are taking a $1.00 off the price of the rotisserie chicken. Also, snacks in the deli will be priced lower. 

Prices Have Gone Up In 2024

Inflation continued to rise in January at 3.1%. That is higher than what they projected at 2.9% and it wouldn’t seem so bad if that wasn’t added on to the rise in prices from 2023.  


There are many factors involved besides the economy. Natural disasters like draughts and floods as well as work shortages. The price of everything has increased and we consumers have started to look for creative ways to save. The news from Walmart about dropping prices is timely. 

Drone Deliveries Increasing 

They are also expanding their drone delivery in Utah. Rather than calling the next-door neighbor when you don’t have something called for on the recipe, you send it into Walmart and a drone brings it to you.

I checked the site to see if my address was available for drones, but it isn’t yet. I’m not too worried about that when I have grocery pickup. I don’t mind driving a few miles and popping my trunk to get my groceries. 

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