Washington County School District Leading the State in These Categories 

Something impressive is happening with reading scores for kindergarten and third grade students in the schools of Washington County. The test scores lead the state. I talked with Steve Dunham from the district, and he described what is going on.  

"Our kindergarten program was recognized as the highest achieving in the state,” said Dunham. “Our reading scores are the best in kindergarten and third.” 

It might be happening because our pre-kindergarten program is statistically the best of any in the state of Utah. Apparently, our kids are coming in with all their letters memorized and a good handle on the basics. 

This Probably Contributes to the High Graduation Rate 

Recently, over 2,700 students walked for their diploma in Washington County. That was at a graduation rate of 93%. It seems if students start out their school year with a good foundation, they continue through with confidence. 

A lot of credit goes to parents who are engaged and interested in their child’s learning. Also, of course, the teachers and staff at our schools are doing an excellent job in teaching these students. 

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It is encouraging as a parent to know you live in a good school system. Especially when you see these young students are setting such high marks. If the folks in the northern part of the state need any tips, we'll send some of our third graders to explain things.

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