CONGRATULATIONS to Nick! He won the race.

We have reshuffled the course and will play again because it's fun. Call Monday to win all the prizes like Nick.

It's time to race, join John and Dave for the Star 98 Double Marathon 5k.

You want to have the bragging rights that comes with doing an endurance race, but you really don’t like the outdoors, the pain of putting on shoes or the annoyance of hearing your heart pump. We have race for you and better than most of those other races this one comes with prizes.

When you race with us in the Star 98 Double Marathon 5k every road you take could win you prizes. If you choose a road with an obstacle in the way your race ends, but if you make it to the prize than it is yours. Don't worry about your race ending early, remember this race is light on the physical exertion so start over as many times as you want.

Congratulations to Andrea who completed our first race. We have mixed up the course and will begin the new race on Monday.

See the course updated here every day:


Here's How It Works:

John & Dave will take a caller at 8:40 AM at 435-986-9899. Under the clouds there are prizes or obstacles. If you win a prize you can keep going. If you hit an obstacle your race is over.

We will move the clouds as they are picked. Check here to see what is cleared. Prizes include:

Wendy's Breakfast & Lunch Combo Meals

Little Caesar's Pizza

Tuacahn Jersey Boys Tickets

Washington County Fair Passes

Benja's Tai Garden

Eureka Casino Resort Stays

Check the app every day and plan your course. Then wear your running shoes and spandex shorts to public places and let people know you are training for the Star 98 Double Marathon 5K.

Good luck athletes, or non athletes. How about virtual athletes, and let’s get competing in the race of a life time. There are many prizes on the line and you might as well be the one who wins them.

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