Congratulations to Sherri Echelberger who is "The Winner of the Hunt".

She cleared the Easter Egg Board! This was way fun and we will play something like it again. Thank you for all who played.

Get sweet Easter prizes by playing John and Dave’s Easter Egg Hunt for all Ages

You know how it is at an Easter Egg Hunt. You bring the little ones, there is a place where they line up and wait for the go signal so everyone has a fair shot at finding an egg, each child is armed with a basket to gather their Easter treasures hidden around the hunting area and then you hear the gun, announcement or bell that means the hunt has begun.

We noticed that the hunt is always reserved for little kids and here at Star98 John and Dave want to give the adults a shot. It's always awkward when an overly helpful parent starts to bend the kids only rule. So at Star98 we have created a virtual Easter Egg Hunt for the parents, the adults, all those banned from the hunting pitch because our skills are too polished.

You could win: A stay at Eureka Casino Resort, Benja's, Wendy's, or Little Caesars

Here's how it works:
This Easter egg grid will be the happy hunting ground. Every morning John and Dave will open the phone lines at 8:40 AM. The caller will pick two eggs. If the prizes inside match, they win instantly.

And here's the cool thing, if you get a match, you get to make another guess. You could end up with all the eggs and be crowned the winner of the hunt. Here's another thing, we aren't going to take the prizes off the board that have been won. We'll let you win them again.

All opened eggs will be shown on this grid


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So put on your big boy bunny outfit, empty your basket and get ready for this years Star 98 Easter Egg hunt for those of us who have been banished from the hunt for too long.

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