Trick to Better Service and Fresher Food 

We all want to be treated well when we go to a fast-food location for some all-American tastiness delivered in thirty seconds or less. The key to getting great service and something that hasn’t been sitting under a heat lamp is to ask for a receipt. 

Why does asking for a printed piece of paper get you better service? It has to do with the mystery shopper program and how those working have come to spot it. To understand who these shoppers are, you have to understand the franchise model. 

Mystery Shoppers Provide Feedback to the Corporation 

If you work on a corporate level over a bunch of locally owned franchises, you want the programs and standards of the brand carried out in every location. You can mandate it, but how do you know it is actually happening?

I worked for 7-11 in college, and they had promotions they wanted us to mention at the register. They also wanted us to upsell by suggesting products that went with what the customer was buying. “Would you like nacho cheese to go with those chips?” 

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash
Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

They would send in normal looking people as mystery shoppers who would report back to the higher ups on their experience. If I got a good report from a mystery shopper, I got a small bonus. If I got a bad report, I would get a reprimand. 

What Does This Have to do With a Receipt? 

As an employee, my antennae would go up if anyone seemed like they might be a mystery shopper. These are just normal people that get paid to go around ordering food, but sometimes you got a sense something was different. A receipt is one of these.

Mystery shoppers have to send in a receipt to get reimbursed and paid by the company. When you ask for a receipt at the counter, the employee suspects they are being graded for their performance and suddenly you’re getting that special treatment. 

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Try it next time you order. The worst that can happen is you end up with a lot of little papers all over your car.

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