How can you taste some great food from different regions of the country? Visit Hurricane Utah of course. I don’t know what it is about the Hurricane area, but every time I stop to eat, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Over the weekend my wife and I were driving through town and decided to stop at the Cross Country Diner. It looks like a pair of rail cars that stopped on the 100 W Block with a 50’s vibe. 

The menu had many items that looked worth trying and they come from places like Detroit, New York and San Francisco. Sylvia and Sergio Arroyo, the owners and chefs, traveled the country collecting the best dishes they found in different places. 

I had the Cuban sandwich. It is made with thinner bread, includes ham and roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. It had an explosion of flavor, and the sauce kept it juicy without getting too messy. Truly the best Cuban I’ve ever had, though I didn’t try any when I was in Miami. 


The other cool thing is how they made it look like train cars. What do you do when there are no train cars lying around Southern Utah? Well, if you’re Sergio, you grab a car haul trailer, pop the sides out and modify it to look the way you want. It really looks like a train stopped on State Street. Sergio added a second one as a diner car for inside dining. 


This is another great place to eat when the restaurants in town have a 45-minute wait on Holiday weekends. My wife had the Kentucky Turkey Melt which she enjoyed as well. I plan on trying the Philly next and maybe the Cincinnati Baloney Stack after that. 

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