Money From Butch Cassidy and His Gang Was Never Recovered

In the canyons that cut through the rocks of Southern Utah, a gang of outlaws known as the Wild Bunch hid out between robbing banks and trains. In the robbers roost outside of Hanskville, the chimney remains from one of these cabins.

I have hiked through this canyon on several occasions and can attest to how easy it is to lose someone. We spent the night trying to find a group that took a wrong turn. Butch and his comrades would lose lawmen and their posse here after a successful heist. 

Robbery at Castle Gate, Utah 

In 1897 this group successfully robbed a train when the payroll was rolling into town. They took off with $7,000 into the canyons. People who follow the history believe the outlaws buried the money bags in one of the canyons to retrieve later along with other money they had stolen.

Due to harassment from the law and some of the gang being captured, it appears the money was never recovered. Today there may still be bags of money hidden in the area where they made their hideout. 

If You Find the Treasure, You Can’t Keep It 

Because of a law passed by congress in 1979, if you find Butch’s stash, it belongs to the government. They consider it an archeological find at this point. This will probably keep the treasure hidden for many years to come. 

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It does make me wonder if I walked past those money bags when I was making my way down the robber’s roost. It’s probably good I didn’t find it as I would have to pack all those bags of cash out on my shoulders. 

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