Butch Cassidy, whose real name was Robert Leroy Parker, was a horse thief, cattle rustler and bank robber who roamed central Utah with his gang the wild bunch.  Born in Beaver, he became a notorious outlaw, using the canyons of Southern Utah to hide from lawmen. 

Unlike most outlaws at the time, Butch was known for being amiable and well-liked by people in the community. Even local sheriffs and city leaders treated him well and often helped him get through their town unmolested. He was known for sharing his booty with local townsfolk who were in need and became a Robin Hood figure to many.  

It got me thinking what it was like to know him then, and what he would be like if he lived now in Southern Utah? Here’s my best guess if Butch Cassidy roamed the streets of Washington County he would be...big into multi-level marketing. 

I think this fits Butch Cassidy’s personality perfectly. Friendly and well-liked by others, Butch would be a natural at inviting friends, family and even those he just met over for a backyard barbecue followed by a short presentation that he would promise wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Being a multi-level friend is much like he was as an outlaw, good natured, but slightly predatory. 

In a well-tailored suit, he could easily describe the potential riches if you were to become part of the wild bunch, which of course would be his downline. You would get money and he would get money, kind of like his Robin Hood schemes, but with the benefit of gaining a greater share as you add others under you. It’s similar to the principles the wild bunch lived by, getting nice things the easy way on other people’s hard work. 

If anything did go bad with the deal, say you wanted a refund on your oils or knives, or say the government was looking into it as a pyramid scheme, who better to disappear into the Southern Utah wilderness until it all blows over then Butch Cassidy. After a time, he would return with a new money-making opportunity to bring in the good times. 

That’s my thoughts. Who do you think Butch Cassidy would be if he lived today? 



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