Monster Trucks are America 

Saturday at the Washington County Legacy Park, otherwise known as the Fairgrounds, the sound of roaring engines will be heard as Monster Truck Militia rolls into town for a show. These vehicles with humongous tires have become a rite of passage for many growing up in the U.S. 

American culture has always enjoyed their cars and trucks and the bigger and faster they are, the better. Monster trucks took this ideal and maximized it. Where else can you see trucks so big they smash smaller vehicles in their way. The trucks have become part of the fabric of our nation as has the advertising. 

Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaay 

Referring to Monster Truck shows, one person on Reddit said, “They’ll sell me the whole seat, but I’ll only need the edge.” Without any explanation, we know this refers to a screaming announcer with revving engines in the background. 


You can’t visit the toy aisle in Walmart without finding a couple of trucks with big tires and when you say, “Grave Digger”, nobody is thinking of some dude with a shovel late at night. Monster trucks are sunk deep in our national psyche. 

What Does It Take to Build a Monster Truck? 

You can’t go to a dealer and purchase one of these car smashing vehicles. It is something you build and this guy, Anthony Alaniz, describes a guy in Canada who pinched his pennies, did most the work himself, and it still cost him $100,000. 

Suspension, giant tires and alcohol fed engine aren't cheap. Don’t let it slow you down though. If you have a dream, you should pursue it. Especially if that dream creates a bond between you and future Americans, like your kids. 

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Here’s the info on the Monster Truck Militia show happening this weekend. Washington County Legacy Park. Gates open at 5 PM, Pit Party at 5:30, and the Main Event begins at 7 PM. Tickets start at $10. Get tickets at 

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