Thunder Junction is the best playground in Southern Utah. It is also known as the-all-abilities park meaning it is built for everyone. I love this place. It is such an asset to the city and whoever came up with the vision and all those who made it happen deserve big pats on the back.

The best part is the park is free except for the train which only costs a buck. It is so refreshing to have a cool place to take kids that doesn't cost a ton of money. This is a great place for families.

It is filled with dinosaurs and bones, slides and structures to climb. Everywhere the ground has the foamy stuff that keeps it soft and springy. The colors are bright, and the playground is well laid out.

I love the train depot. I feel like I’m in some part of Disneyland. The train goes around the park through tunnels and over bridges. I like when it goes through the rib cage of some old fossil.

If you are visiting the area and you have kids or grandchildren to entertain, a visit to Thunder Junction is a must. There are places to sit and keep an eye on the little ones running around. During the summer there is an area where you can spray water and get cooled off.

It is funny to think how far playgrounds have come over the years. There was a time when you had some metal bars welded together and a metal slide the temperature of hot lava. This place is state of the art and will make you want to run around and jump on things. 

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