Barefoot While Driving 

You have probably had the experience of driving without shoes, even if it was to move the car out of the driveway. It feels weird. My wife always takes off her shoes in the car, but then she is on the passenger side when she does it. 

I drove for four hours on I-15 over the weekend, and I was wearing new shoes. The side of the shoe near my ankle was digging into a different spot and was causing me pain. Taking off my shoe and having my foot on the pedal with just a sock felt dangerous and wrong. 

Is there a Law Against Driving Barefoot in Utah? 

According to it is not illegal to drive a vehicle without shoes on. They do note that it is probably safer to wear shoes and there isn’t a good reason not to. They also recommend not using your bare feet on the steering wheel. Just kidding, I added that. 


I think it makes sense not to have a law about shoes and driving. You would have to determine what shoes count whether a sock with sticky grip on the bottom would work. I can’t imagine there are a lot of people driving shoeless anyway. 

No Law Against Barefoot Bicycling 

I think the reason most of us don’t drive without shoes is because our mom yelled at us for riding a bike with bar feet. Surprisingly, there is no law against riding a bike, scooter or four-wheeler without proper footwear. Mom is quietly shaking her head in disgust. 

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