Ancient Quarry 

Just north of Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona, there is a place where humongous stone blocks look as if they have been cut out of the cliff side. These blocks are made of sandstone and look unnaturally square.  

The cuts are at 90 degrees and are massive cubes and rectangles. There also seems to be some of the massive blocks that are missing from the cliff and can’t be found in the rocks below. This has some wondering if it was an ancient quarry.

Massive Blocks All Around the World 

Baalbek stones in Lebanon are massive rectangular rocks. These megalithic stones were used as the foundation for Greeks and Phoenician people who built their temples on top of them. Of course, there are the pyramids in Egypt and the large stones in Southern America and Asia. 

Could the blocks found near Monument Valley be a quarry left over from the same kind of people who built these other structures? Are these square blocks something shaped by nature or is there more to what is going on here.

Native People’s Beliefs 

The Navajo people consider Monument Valley and the surrounding area as sacred space. They believe the holy people created the area. There are ancient pictures carved into the rock near these blocks. Could they be trying to tell us what was happening here?

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Whatever the answer is, these locks are intriguing to look at and another interesting spot to visit in the Southern Utah desert. 

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