Wary of People Who are Too Friendly 

I hadn’t seen Burke in a few years and was pleased to get a message from him that asked how I was doing. We had been close when we lived near each other, and I was excited to catch up on that friendship. He suggested we go to dinner.  

You can probably guess that the dinner happened to be a meeting about the wonderful opportunity available to get my friends and family to sell water purifiers that hook up to the sink. There were riches for the taking and all I had to do was create my own downline. 

What is the Best Way to Turn Down a Mult-Level Proposition 

This experience with my friend was hard to take. We had spent some good times together and I didn’t want to toss all that out by being rude. On the other hand, my future plans did not include spending my evenings trying to get people to buy water filters. 

I was as gracious as possible in turning down the opportunity and I talked about the old times with my friend on the way home. After that, I never heard from him again. 

Advice For a World of Side Hustles 

This woman on YouTube gives some advice when someone gives you a sales pitch. 

1. Set a boundary and say no with a smile. 

2. Faking friendship to get what we want is deceitful and can be painful. Be cordial until you are sure of a potential friend’s motives. If you feel violated or tricked, let it guide you and make some distance.  

3. Remember that you don’t owe that person anything. Sometimes we try too hard to be nice and save something that was never there. Past traumas can make us vulnerable to a good sale pitch. 

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It’s a confusing world and we all want friends. Unfortunately, an experience where someone uses you as a possible money source can be upsetting. 

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