You get none of that and no bag of chips.

Did you notice how prices recently jumped up? That and sizes have dropped. It seems like the chips are down to the personal size with family size printed on the top. With prices as they are you don't get all of that or a bag of chips unless you are willing to drain your account.


Seriously, things have gotten tight. Here is just a sample of price hikes in the fast food business.


McDonalds used to be an easy answer when we procrastinated dinner planning, but not so much anymore.

I have always liked McDonalds because it seems to have something for everyone in our family and they are super fast, but the price hike which seemed to happen before other fast food choices has kept us strangers to the golden arches.

Taco Bell

The prices at Taco Bell have not risen as drastically as other options. I still like to ring the bell on the regular, but you have noticed that your peso doesn't quite go as far as it used to?


The Chick has always been a little more spendy, but the class operation made it worth it. We still enjoy following the advice of the cows painting a billboard and pick up a fillet of chicken on a bun once in a while, but it is hard to swallow some of the higher prices.

With these price increases we have tried to cook more at home, but as you have noted the grocery store prices have jumped up too. The only safe space seems to be to eat more simple like potatoes and rice. Probably better for us, but not half as fun.

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