Holiday season in Southern Utah means packages being delivered to your porch. It also means an increase in porch pirates trying to steal them. Here’s some ways to battle the pirates. 

Photo by Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash

Track your package: 

Delivery services scan the packages when they come off the truck and when they go in the delivery truck. You can get a good idea when the package will arrive and be there to grab it before some pirate or your neighbor's dog gets to it. 

Have it delivered to the store: 

In store pick up at your convenience when you are out doing errands bypasses the package on the porch problem. Many stores offer lockers in the store where you will find your purchase waiting. I did this with Kohls, and it was slick. 

Work with your neighbors to watch out for each other: 

Your neighbors can move your packages around the back, and you can do the same for them. You can all keep an eye on suspicious behavior, and this includes his dog who is waiting to get his teeth on the dog food you ordered for your puppy. 

Doorbell with a camera: 

These doorbells record footage of your doorstep and shoot you a notice when someone is on it. Thieves don’t want their faces recorded and will deter them. Your neighbor’s dog does not care, but he also doesn’t wear a mask. 

Install a lock box: 

I don’t really want one of these on my porch, but it does make it harder to steal packages during the Holidays. 

Have fun with it: 

Package the gifts your neighbor’s dog leaves on your lawn in bright wrapping and let the thieves remove it for you. Think how flattering that will be to the dog when he realizes everyone wants what he produces. 

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