Here are 5 bag suggestions to foil the evil plans of thieves.

Robbers have arrived in our area. Thieves have hit the road looking for towns with low-hanging fruit and sadly Southern Utah has been selected as good hunting ground.

The St. George Police Department has recently released a video of an older lady who has left her purse in the shopping cart. While she is distracted in the freezer thieves are seen repeatedly taking valuables from her purse.

One of the recommendations is to not carry open purses or handbags that could be easily accessible. So what options do we have?

Here are five suggestions.


One of our callers mentioned that she uses a wristlet. It seems to be a simple band that keeps your small purse or clutch close at hand so it doesn't get left behind as you move through making a purchase.

Wrist Wallet

This is a wristband like you might wear to the gym that can hold credit cards and cash on the inside of your arm.

Belt Wallet

These are not new, but extremely good at hiding your valuables. This one could be difficult to access regularly, but having your stash that close to you would be comforting.

Fanny Pack

This is a classic, but you might need to wear it face forward to keep unwanted hands for gently accessing it while you are distracted. Same for the shoulder strap type bags.

A shoulder Bag

If you have to carry a purse make sure it has a shoulder strap and that it is light enough to wear.

I know you are screaming what does this fashion magnet John carry? Well, I have tried most of the above ideas and it comes down to one moment for me. How I feel when it is purchase time. If I feel silly accessing my card then I am looking for a new option. I personally don't like having to fumble at the point of purchase and I don't like hunching over digging through a fanny pack or belt. So my card bundle has to be one flip away, I have a satchel that opens up toward me with one pocket where my cards go. One flip and I have magically produced my form of payment.

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