Most weekends St. George gets an influx of visitors, but there are certain weekends when all of Washington Country is packed with people from out of town. You know it's going to be bad when the traffic increases starting on Thursday afternoon. 

When you try to go out to dinner on these weekends, you pull up to your favorite restaurant and you can see people standing and sitting around the front door, waiting for their chance to get a table. Now what do you do? 

You can eat at home, grab food at a drive thru, or look for a restaurant a little off the beaten path that the visitors aren’t aware of. Here are my six go to restaurants when St. George is spilling over with visitors on a busy Weekend. 


1. Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant: Good traditional Mexican food. Reasonably fast service. The cheese enchiladas are perfection.

Island Grinds

2. Island Grinds: Not a place where a waiter seats you, but delicious Island food. The pu pu chicken is so good (despite the name).

Side Car Cafe

3. Side Car Cafe: This is out by the St. George Airport and has some pretty tasty breakfast food.


4. Bishop's: Their large menu has breakfast and dinner food served anytime. Speedy service and plenty of seating.


5. Porkbellys: Barbecue is yummy. More tourists are finding this place, but the service has been reasonably quick when I have been.


6. Ah'Sya: I like this place a lot, but check the hours they are open before you head out.

I'm sure there are places local residents would also recommend and I would love to hear your secret places to go when the town is overflowing. Hope this list helps the next time you see the sullen crowd waiting outside your favorite eatery.


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