Most Humans Want to Smell Good 

Would we be better off if our body sprays and perfumes smell more like desserts than flowers? Smells can go straight to that part of our brain that triggers memories. These can remind us of good nostalgic times or bad memories from our past. 

Most perfumes and body sprays are musky, a clean smell, or something flowery. I personally don’t like to smell like anything and maybe because smells don’t always bring up great memories. Fields of flowers are beautiful unless it is a garden you have to dig the weeds out of. 

Body Spray Smell Like Peeps 

Just in time for Easter, the company that makes Peeps, the sugar incrusted marshmallow treats, has introduced a body spray that smells like their product. It is trending and has spawned numerous videos of people trying the product. 

Peeps wasn’t the first food to try getting into the smell game. Pizza Hut has a pepperoni pizza perfume and KFC has gotten into the Christmas scents. I actually think this makes a lot of scents. Sorry, bad pun. It makes sense. 

The Best Memories Come from Dessert 

I think it rare to find someone who has a bad memory of dessert. Delicious chicken and tasty pizzas are probably heavy on the good nostalgic memories as well. If you are going to walk around smelling like something, it should be something good. 

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These are what perfumes should smell like. If you could bottle the smell of Disneyland from when you were three, that would work too. If my wife wore a perfume like fresh baked bread, she could make me do anything she wants.  

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