The Great Chamber 

Off-roading has become a huge deal in Southern Utah and enthusiasts are always looking for new places to explore. This area an hour outside of Kanab is a cool place to visit if you have a side by side or a high clearance vehicle.

It is named Cutler Point on the map or otherwise known as the Great Chamber. A giant opening in the rock has a large sand dune surrounded by a giant yellow arch. If you don’t have a vehicle to get to the spot, there are tours out of Kanab. 

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument 

To get to the Great Chamber, you take the road to Johnson Canyon. It is not in the Grand Staircase, but nearby. If you are exploring the National Monument, a stop at Cutler Point is not too far out of the way.

This site recommends following the directions carefully as letting Google navigate for you will get you lost. There is also a hike near the end that is uphill and is moderately strenuous. There also is a lot of sand, so plan on getting it in your shoes.

Southern Utah Hidden Jems 

This is one of those rarely visited spots that you can visit in Southern Utah that won’t require a park fee. Bring plenty of water and enough time to explore.

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If you have a side by side, it may be time to go further than Warner Valley and Sand Hollow. Put on your list of places to explore the Great Chamber in Kane County. 

The Marbled Wonder of Candy Cliffs In Southern Utah

A hidden gem often overlooked in Southern Utah features marbled sandstone and candy cliffs.

See Inside The Bloomington Cave

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