Where do you want to eat? Famous words that almost guarantee a frustrating back and forth between you and your significant other/tormentor. And we are no different here in Utah. I don’t care if you just met someone and are planning a date or married for 30 years with a giant van full of posterity, this where to get food is going to be a trial. 

     “Where should we go?” 

 “I’m fine with whatever.” 

     “So, maybe Freddies?” 

“I don’t want burgers.” 

    “I feel like Mexican.” 

“We had that at work.” 

    “So, what do you feel like?” 

“Anything’s good with me.” 


Maybe there are Zen couples out there that have never had this problem. These two seemed to work out a solution.


It is obviously a problem many couples face as there are many videos and chats on the internet about it. I like this video that captures some of my frustrations on a Friday night. 

In addressing the basic problem of deciding on food, this woman has an explanation: 

The question, “What do you want to eat?” comes with a lot of pressure. Who in their right mind immediately has an answer to that? Then when you try to make it easier by giving us options, all the suggestions are awful. This is why we always end up eating pasta. It’s the safest thing we can say under the pressure of trying to choose. 

She does her best to explain the problem but doesn’t give many solutions.  

Here is my suggestion. Go to the place you want to eat, order what you like. Chances are she will decide what you got looks pretty good and eat at least half of your entrée. Hopefully the place you ordered from gives out big portions. 

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