Camping On Public Land  

Every weekend people in RV’s make their way to Southern Utah to camp on public lands and enjoy the off-road opportunities in the desert sand. Warner Valley and the Arizona strip are popular locations to set up among the mesquite and blackbrush. 

I can’t blame people who have discovered the phenomenal terrain presented in these areas. I do wish they would take everything they brought with them when they go home. It is a common courtesy to leave the place at least as clean as you found it.

I don’t think it is only those who visit who are leaving litter around. There are certainly those locally who share blame for leaving bottles and cans in sand. 

Local Volunteers Do a Phenomenal Job 

Lest you think Southern Utah is full of trash, it isn’t. And that is thanks in part to campers who take cleaning their site seriously and groups of volunteers who regularly meet up on a weekend to pick up garbage on and around the trails.

These local do-gooders are everyone from church groups to off-road vehicle clubs who take a Saturday morning armed with trash bags and gloves and walk a stretch loading up cups, cardboard and even flat screens. These people love the area and quietly take the initiative to clean up after others. 

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There are also the public land employees that monitor how long someone has been camped and keep an eye on those who are less responsible for their trash. With all of us together, Southern Utah can be a place where everyone can enjoy unspoiled recreation. 

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