There are Guinness world records for the pig who knows the most tricks, stretchiest skin, even spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for the longest time.

One Utahn holds a record for building the longest trail that no one can actually physically walk on. That is because he built it in Minecraft from a rock called Redstone.

If you are familiar with the game Minecraft then you have bumped into Redstone. If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft here is a brief tutorial:

Funtech explains that Minecraft is a game where the players can build and wander around an open interface game. The community base of the game has made it a very popular virtual place to gather, build and challenge one another.  

Minecraft has no set goal and can be played however you’d like! This is why it’s sometimes called a “sandbox game” – there are lots of things for you to do, and lots of ways that you can play.

Minecraft is a game, but it is not all just play. It includes problem-solving. One element that stretches the intellect is called Redstone.  

Redstone dust is a unique and complex feature in Minecraft that allows players to create intricate contraptions, mechanisms, and automated systems. It's often referred to as "Minecraft's electricity" because it can transmit power and signals to various blocks and devices.

Not surprisingly in a game called Minecraft Redstone is usually found by mining. Not to get into too much detail, but its properties are very specific. 

Redstone dust acts like a conduit between a power source and a component. As the power signal travels farther from the power source, it gets weaker at a predictable rate. 

With this understanding, players can use an assortment of tools like levers, pressure plates, buttons, tripwires, and more to build working contraptions. Contraptions can be added to make machines that create specific results.  

Photo by Nina Rivas on Unsplash
Photo by Nina Rivas on Unsplash

This process has been used in the classroom to understand logical puzzle-solving, programming arguments, and electrical gates. 

 It turns out, that since Redstone is so heavily involved with Logic gates and other such forms of Digital Electronics, my teacher got really excited!  

Utah has been touched by the Redstone fascination. 15-year-old Stephen Shaw, of Tooele City, has earned the Guinness World Record for the longest Redstone trail in Minecraft. Tooele online reported that Stephen spent 7.5 hours building a 100,000 block Redstone trail which earned him the record.  

See his record here.

So look for this versatile tool in Minecraft. It allows players to build complex mechanisms, automation, and electrical systems in such a way that helps players to comprehend complex problems. It requires creativity, experimentation, and a good understanding of its mechanics to create working contraptions within the game.  

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