AI Makes Games Personal 

Would you watch a basketball game where you could see yourself running down the court as one of the players? You are wondering why I would even ask this weird question. 

The NBA has introduced a new feature in their app that uses artificial intelligence to insert you as one of the players. Commissioner Adam Silver demonstrates it by filming Ahmad Rashad and then inserting him into a Utah Jazz game. It looks like some guy in a dress shirt and slacks runs down the court and dunks at the rim. 

Can They Insert You Into Movies? 

If this technology can put your image into a basketball game, doing the same for a movie shouldn’t be too hard. Would you enjoy watching Dune if your face was over Zendaya’s? Picture yourself running around the desert and riding sand worms while wearing your pajamas. 

This YouTube video demonstrates just that. He places himself in footage in the real world, but he even makes an anime version of himself and has it walk around. All of this is done by an AI generator. 

Might Be Just A Gimmick 

We have kind of seen something like this before when you could make yourself look like a cat or put glasses on and a hundred other things you can do to your face on social media. It is fun to play around with, but it gets old after a while. I think this is how these AI features will be. 

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It might be more fun to change the background rather than the lead character. It would be kind of fun to watch Jurassic Park take place in your own backyard. 

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