Why is the price of gas so high in Southern Utah?  

If you have been to the pump lately, you get a sinking feeling in your gut as the money to fill your tank keeps going higher and higher. Utah is now the seventh highest state for the price of gasoline according to Triple-A, and we are feeling it.

Why is this happening to us? 

Apparently, it has to do with a combination of going to the summer blend, Utah’s refinery capacity and Arizona according to a story from KSL. Throw in the boost in summer driving and you get climbing petrol prices. 

To cut down on air pollution, Congress passed a law back in 1990 that requires us to go to a summer blend in the hot months. This is a gas that has reduced vapor pressure and burns cleaner, but also costs more to create. It does reduce pollution that can make life hard for those sensitive to it. 

The other problem according to Governor Cox, is our refineries are at capacity. He said in a press conference that in Utah we have reached our capacity to refine gasoline and due to regulation, it is hard to add more refineries. That means we have to truck in gas from other states, which of course, costs more money. 

The last problem is Arizona, where one of their big refineries was scheduled for maintenance this year. This cut their capacity to refine gasoline in their state, meaning they must truck in gas and further strain the supply Utah has been dependent on. 

Here in Southern Utah, we are looking for solutions and ways to drive less. I might just get me a good kayak and commute down the flooding Virgin River.  

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