Many kids go through a phase where they are fascinated with dinosaurs. Some adults never get over their early life obsession. If you dream of digging up some bones in the rock and naming your new species of dinosaur, you are in the right state. 

Southern Utah features several sites where you can find where the giant lizards left their footprints. It’s not just in the St. George Dinosaur Discovery site at Johnson’s Farm where you can see hundreds of footprints, there are also a couple other places you can go. Just off the freeway in Washington and in a riverbed and in Warner Valley. Both are easy to find with Google. 


You can’t beat Dinosaur National Monument by Vernal. You can go to a quarry that was once an active dig where they found a bunch of dino bones. There are places you can go to at the monument to see fossils still in the rock. A fun trip that isn’t too far. 

If you want to dig your own fossils out of the ground, a visit to U-Dig Fossil near Delta is the place. Here you can go into the rock and find trilobite fossils and they will even shine them up for you. These are small bug like creatures about as big as your thumb. They even let you take them home if you find one. 

Maybe you want to find your own site. Grab some water, a pickaxe and maybe a big brush and head into the desert. Look for a place with shale and start roaming around. Who knows, you may find those bones and be naming the next big find, the Georgeritis Smithodontis. 

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