Pesticides in Cereal 

You may have been consuming a pesticide in your breakfast cereal. The chemical Chlormequat is used wheat to increase the harvest. It keeps the plants lower and from bending at the top for a higher yield. This chemical was found in people who regularly eat breakfast cereals made from wheat. 

Chlormequat, a chemical linked to reproductive and fertility issues in animal testing, has been found in oat-based products like Cheerios and Quaker Oats. The study found that the chemical was detected in 92% of oat-based foods purchased and consumed by Americans in May 2023. 

Levels Have Increased

Why have the levels gone up in the last few years? Allowable levels in domesticated wheat are lower than that for wheat that is imported. The increase of grain being brought in from other countries could account for the increase. 

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash
Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

The study showing an increase in 2023 shows people are consuming it regularly. 

Interestingly, chlormequat typically leaves the body within 24 hours. Therefore, such a high percentage of humans testing positive for the chemical means they are regularly exposed to it and it remains in their body. 

Quaker Oats and General Mills

The companies involved assured consumers they follow the regulatory guidelines for the chemical and their products are safe.  

A spokesperson for Quaker Oats released the following statement to Nexstar: “At Quaker, we stand by the safety and quality of our products. We have a comprehensive food safety management system in place. We adhere to all regulatory guidelines to ensure the safest, highest quality products for our consumers.”

Even though they haven’t found a link to it causing infertility in humans, it seems like this could be a factor in the fertility rates going down around the world including here in Utah. 

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