Something as simple as a wire grill brush can turn a backyard barbecue into a trip to the emergency room. This happens more often than you would think and it can be tricky to see a tiny wire in an x-ray.  

I have been using a wire brush on my grill for years, but I discovered recently how bad it can be if one of those wires slips off and gets into someone’s hamburger. The swallowed wire often gets stuck in a person’s throat and requires surgery to remove it.  

If you use a wire brush to clean your grill, here are some things you can do to prevent this: 

1. Do not use the same brush for multiple years. Older brushes will begin to lose the wires out of them. Consider replacing the brush yearly and make sure it is in good shape. 


2. Check the grill for small wires before you begin to grill. Probably a good idea whether you use a wire brush or not. I could inspect the grill a little more closely. 


3. Get a different option to clean the grill. I especially like a pumice stone. This is what I plan to do from now on as using a stone on my grill seems cleaner somehow. But there are many products other than a wire brush to clean your grill including a basic scrubbing pad. 


We love a good barbecue in the backyard here in Southern Utah. The next time you grill with your family and friends, make sure the only thing people rave about is your tasty burgers and not anything else that may end up in them. 

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