You share everything with your friends online from the meal you had to your summer vacation, so why wouldn’t you share how you resigned or got fired from a job? Why not describe in detail what happened and how you feel now? It’s called “loud quitting” and it has become something people are doing more often. 

Losing a job can be traumatic and sharing that experience with others can make you feel better. However, trashing your former employer can have a negative impact on your future. In a place like Southern Utah, businesses in your line of work may not be plentiful. If you air all the problems you perceive in your former workplace, it is going to get around to other places in the industry. 

If you continue to burn bridges, people in your line of work will start seeing you as the problem more than the place you were employed.  

However, there are certain circumstances that make "loud quitting" more acceptable like warning off future employees from an abusive work place or calling out unsanitary practices at food places. Its all dependent on the situation.

There is no such thing as a perfect business. Every place I have worked has its positive aspects and negative. I think every business knows there are things they don’t do so well. If you begin to look like someone who will blast the negative all over the internet each time you quit, it may make a future employer hesitant to hire you. 

Rather than be the next loud quitter looking for internet sympathy, or maybe internet fame, try being gracious the next time you leave a place. There are always people I appreciate and parts of the business model I really like wherever I have worked. When you are asked online or in person, share these parts of your experience and let the rest go. It’s tempting to try to hurt those you had disagreements with, but it won’t do you any good in the long run.  

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