This is a Contest Utah Should Be Dominating 

I had no idea this competition was happening in Belgium. It is in one of the coastal towns where contestants gather to screech like a seagull. They award points for how well each imitates a gull and the different calls that can be made. Also, a gull costume also adds points. 

The competition was started as a way for people to appreciate this bird who often gets a bad rap. Which comes to my current contention. If anyone knows how to appreciate these white angels, it is the people of Utah. 

Crickets, Crops and Gulls 

If you don’t know, the seagull is Utah’s state bird. This respect was given due to an important time in our history. Early settlers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were hanging on tenaciously to the mountain valleys where they had recently settled. 

They had planted crops only to find swarms of crickets coming to annihilate what had been planted. In several journals from these early settlers they describe how they prayed for relief. Then one day seagulls came to the rescue. They describe how the gulls would gobble up a bunch of crickets and spit them into the lake.

Because of this timely service, the seagull was named the state bird and revered ever since. I think there should be at least one if not many people from the great state of Utah represented in the seagull screeching contest in Belgium.  

A boy from England won his division recently 

There are enough contestants screeching each year to have multiple divisions. This kid who calls himself "Seagull Boy" took the prize. He was inspired to screech like a gull when one stole his sandwich. That's right, the gull took his food and he's inspired.

Surely, we can do better here in Utah. I picture a plane painted to look like a gull swooping into the De Panne international airport carrying a flock of screeching Utahn’s dressed in gull costumes with real feathers. We then take this championship to levels rarely seen by Olympic competitions. 

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This is our chance to show the respect and love for the noble seagull that came to the rescue of those early pioneers. In fact, I can hear some of you screeching with inspiration as you read this. Let’s get this done. 

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