Low Rumble From Ocean Freaks Out Residence

There is a story out of Florida where people who lived near the ocean were hearing a low rumbling sound and it started to freak them out. They raised some money and hired an investigator to figure out what was making the low bass sound.  

Turns out it was the black drum fish that makes the sound when it is mating. That’s right it was a fish trying to attract a female making the sound from under the water.

Tortured Cow in Pinto 

I camped last summer in Pinto, a small settlement in Southern Utah. During the night there was a cow in a field that sounded like it was in major pain. It made a bleating like it was either giving birth or slowly being turned inside out. 

When the light came up, I had to see what was happening to that poor cow. It was just standing in the alfalfa chewing grass casually and bleating like it was the end of the world. 

Here are some animals sounds you may hear in Utah that will keep you up at night:

Cats in heat

If you have ever heard cats in the middle of the night searching for a mate, it is terrifying. It sounds like someone is in their last moments after being stabbed by a machete.

Lynx Conflict

These big cats can sound like witches screaming when they get near each other. Your mind pictures some black magic rite being performed deep in the forest.

Red Fox Screams at Night

The red fox seems really cute until it becomes possessed by a demon. Its screams sound almost human.

Barn Owl Screech

What is wrong with the hoot sound? Barn owls scream like a banshee in the middle of the night that can make it hard to sleep.

Moose in Rut

We are used to the sounds of moose in Utah, but if you have never heard the sound, you would think there is some wheezing giant in a cave nearby.

There you go. These are the animals in Utah that will keep you awake. Is there any I missed?

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