Owning a recreational vehicle or RV can be a blast if you like to get out into nature with a cozy place to sleep, eat and even shower.

However, storing it when you aren’t using it and making a monthly payment when it is not moving, is not nearly as much fun. With companies like Outdoorsey and RVShare and many other local versions, you can rent out your RV like an Airbnb. 

This is an option if you want to buy an RV but need help with paying for it. Renting it out four or five times a year might make that payment work. You could get a couple RV’s and rent one out while you use the second. These companies make getting insurance easy and can protect your investment. 

If you would only use an RV occasionally, doing a rental through one of these companies is a good plan as well. Looking at a few of these sites for RV’s available in Southern Utah produced several options. Prices were from $90 to $250 per day, and you can check out customer reviews for each RV owner.  

Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash
Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

When looking at renting your RV, there is a lot of information available. Realizing that most of the times you can rent it are also the times you would like to use it, like Memorial Day or the 4th of July is something to consider. Anxiety over your investment and the time it will take to get people set up are all factors to consider. 

Maybe it is time to try out the RV lifestyle. For a few hundred bucks you can try one out for the weekend. Who knows, you may end up selling your house, buying a fleet of RVs to rent, and hitting the open road. 


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