Game Developers Can Thrive in Utah 

Gaming and video game development has become a huge industry and Utah is leading the way in many areas. With esports teams in most of the high schools as well as the colleges, and the best program for public Universities in the nation. 

For young people looking to get into the industry, the University of Utah offers the number one program for undergraduate game development for public schools in the country. Their graduate program is number two according to Princeton Review. 

Go To School and Make Games 

In the University of Utah program they work hands on to create and develop video games which are introduced at a public event later in the year.  

Students develop every aspect of the games from initial pitches to their launch, which Michael Young, chairman of the university’s top-ranked Games Division, likens to opening night of a theatrical production 

Esports Now Sanctioned in Utah 

The Utah High School Activities Association has now officially sanctioned esports as a school activity. This will be official during the 2025-26 school year and kids will be able to compete in organized esports competitions.  

Many high schools and all of the universities have teams already. If you are interested in getting a team organized in your school, it isn’t too hard. You will need a teacher or one of the staff to sponsor your team and then start recruiting others to join. 

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If you love video games and want a career in the industry, you won’t find a much better place than Utah to get started. 

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