Life on the Road

A century ago, if you wanted to escape the drudgery of life, you would run away with the circus. Moving to a different town every day and performing for locals who pour into the big top for a show. The current version of escaping to the road, just might be buying a food truck. 

The Fish on Street Gourmet food truck was in St. George yesterday and I enjoyed fish and coleslaw from them. The fish was big pieces of cod deep fried to perfection. The coleslaw was well made and juicy. I could have used a bigger cup or had it stuffed it to the top. 


The tartar sauce really set it off. It obviously wasn’t bought from a bottle. This was made from scratch and enhanced the taste of the fish. 

I talked with Jack and his wife about their business. They travel from big and small towns throughout Utah and Idaho. Every day they are in a different place. Wherever they go, they count on people following them on social media or just noticing their truck parked in their town. 


I asked Jack about how it goes in small towns. “We stopped in Mallad,” he said. “People came out of the fields and business.” He said some of the smallest places give them the biggest response.  

I think this could be a pretty fun life. I want to drive into Milford and stop traffic, or maybe create some traffic. I want to make food that makes people’s eyes light up in Hanksville. One of these days if I disappear and it's been a while since you’ve heard from me, I probably ran off and joined a food truck. 


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