You and I may have noticed the state of Utah being "thanked" in the credits when we’re at the movies and thought, “I didn’t know that was filmed HERE”, or “I knew I recognized that mountain”. But with a little digging, it's easy to find out what’s underway NOW or being produced in the near future. Here are a few that I found:  

Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga. It must be big. They are spending over $53 million on it and shooting in Emery, Grand, Kane and San Juan counties in Utah.  

Then there’s Dark Highway. $4 million and shooting in Emery, San Juan and Juab counties. ‘ 

When I lived in Tooele, I never expected that to be the setting of an Amazon Prime project called Hondo but someone with $10 million dollars did. 

The people behind Joy To The World picked Utah too. Recipe for Love is being shot in Salt Lake and Utah County. The Streak is an independent project that will be filmed in Weber and Salt Lake County.    


The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunities seems to have gotten a lot of attention for Utah from the film making community because there are several movies underway and more to come. Film.Utah.Gov  We all know Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid was filmed here, along with Thelma & Louise and 127 Hours. But our state has a LOT to offer film makers for their future projects and now, word is getting out. Expect a Taylor Sheridan Series to be filmed here dropping over $40 million, Nickelodeon’s Green Bean Show will spend $10 million on a project for Apple TV+ and Retreat: Season 1 for FX/Hulu will be shot here too.  

I forgot to mention Alma Richards: Raising the Bar will be a Utah event too. Maybe some of you will get to be extras or be cast in even bigger roles. Years ago when I lived in Las Vegas, I told my neighbor about a call for extras for Fools Rush In with Mathew Perry and Salma Hayek.  To this day, when that movie is on TV, we have to stop and watch for Mike's big film role.  He's the guy on the ladder in the valet parking scene.  So, fix your hair before you go out today. You might be discovered right here in Utah.  

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