Strange Carving in Rock 

Who carved this man with a cross for a head into the rock near Cedar City? If you head into the canyon towards Cedar Breaks, there is a carving of a guy in the rocks. It is about five feet tall and looks like he is doing a shot put.

It is probably his head in his hand and where it should be sitting there is a cross. It looks to me like it was carved recently, but it could be older. As more people have discovered the carving, it has had some graffiti painted on it and has been marred. 

Who Carved It? 

Many believe it was put there by some people who were promoting a Viking festival in the city back in 2003. They had an advertisement in the paper talking about stories and treasure and also promoting the festivities.

However, a man named Terry Carter, who hunts down stories all over Utah, made notes about the carving the year before that in 2002. If the Viking guys did it, they would have had to plan way ahead and seems improbable.  

Does It Go Back to the Spanish? 

One man believed there was a connection to Spanish treasure. He raised money and sunk a shaft into the hillside looking for what might be there. Nothing was found and they ran out of money and gave up.

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If you know how shot-put man came to be there in the rock of Cedar Canyon, I would love to know more. In the meantime, if you go visit this carving, maybe just look instead of trying to destroy it. 

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