The Sidewalk is Not Part of Your Driveway 

We’ve all done it. We pull in the driveway to unload something and leave the tail end of the car over sidewalk part of the cement. This is actually against the law. Utah code says a person may not “park a vehicle on a sidewalk”. 

However, this is not something police are driving around looking for. Yes, you can get a ticket if the police department receives complaints. Normally they will issue a warning unless the problem persists. 

Sidewalks Aren’t There Just Because They Look Nice 

It makes sense, as the reason for a sidewalk is for people to walk or ride on them. When you block it with a car, it nullifies the purpose. This can be especially frustrating for those in a wheelchair or scooter who cannot easily move around into the street. 

If you live in an area with shorter driveways, this can become a common problem. With the length of some trucks and SUV’s, having the bumper encroach on the sidewalk is easy to do. Regularly obstructing the sidewalk is a pain for those who use it. 

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Having said this, stirring up neighborhood strife by complaining to the city may not be the way to go. We all know the quiet battles going on in suburbia. Being thoughtful of others on both ends can go a long way in your quality of life. 

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