I saw Star Wars when I was a little kid and felt that I would like to live in that universe. Unlike so many space movies, George Lucas made his films portray a place where you would like to be.

Lucas did this with the details. Little things like Luke complaining when he had chores to do and couldn't hang out with his friends, made it feel like a real world. The game Luke was playing with Chewbacca is another nice little between the scenes detail.

I was fascinated with the Star Wars universe. In my mind I lived there. I could see myself flying an x-wing or hangin' with some ewoks.

Well what if we could bring some jedi's, some robots, maybe a weird alien or two to our place.

Here among the red rocks we love a good backyard barbecue during the cooler months. The usual way it's done is to assign someone to bring a salad, a bag of chips and maybe the buns. Usually, individuals are required to bring their own meat. Then show up and enjoy some time together. 

Best Star Wars character at your Backyard Barbecue

If you were to invite a Star Wars character to a family barbecue in the backyard, who would you choose and why?

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