Human Food Is Not Good for Animals 

It is fun to take little kids to feed the ducks. The duck pond by the golf course in Bloomington Hills is one of these places. However, grabbing a slice of bread and tossing out pieces and watching the ducks gather can actually cause the birds to be malnourished. 

Because bread is processed, there aren’t a lot of nutrients and it fills the duck’s stomachs leaving them feeling full, so they don’t eat food that benefits them. They don’t forage for their normal nutritious food. 

Angel Wing Can Result in Birds Fed on Unhealthy Food 

Ducks and Swans develop something called angel wing from eating too much bread. This is a condition where the birds wings become useless. These birds end up dying because they can’t fly from predators. Birds who are fed by humans tend to not take care of their baby birds and they become more aggressive.

That isn’t the end of it. Bread gets moldy and when left in the water can increase algae and therefore disease for waterfowl. There just isn’t an upside. Instead, sunflowers seeds, cracked corn or even peanuts would be a better meal for ducks. 

Maybe Don’t Feed the Ducks At All 

When you feed ducks, they become more dependent on humans. I had a friend who lived in Bloomington Hills who would try to keep the ducks from getting run over when they ambled across the road. These ducks had lost much of their fear of humans. Her kids were regularly late for school due to this daily task. 

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Rather than feeding the birds, maybe bringing some field glasses so your children can observe the birds doing their thing may be just as enjoyable. 

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