This is the plant you want to grow if you need to survive 

Should the world go to pot, the plant you want growing on your property is this one. It grows easily and provides plenty nutrition for your family. It is the Jerusalem artichoke, and it has nothing to do with the middle east. In fact, it is from North America originally.

The Native Americans were well aware of this plant that grows an edible tuber kind of like a potato. They shared it with the colonist back in 1521 as part of that first Thanksgiving.

It isn't an artichoke or from Jerusalem. It got its funny name because of how it tastes.  

In 1605 Native Americans introduced a root vegetable they called sunroot to the French explorer Samuel de Champlain. Its taste reminded him of artichokes. Champlain, in turn, sent this new vegetable to France where it became prized. 

Also called sunchokes, they are grown throughout the world, but ironically, they are not grown as much here in America. The plant grows 6 to 10 feet tall with yellow flowers and knobby tubers underground. The tubers can be cooked or boiled for a nutritious meal.

The reasons Jerusalem artichokes are so good in a survival situation is that you can grow them easily in almost any soil and climate. They spread quickly, providing lots of sustenance.

The tubers store well through cold winters. And if you need to hide what you are growing from an invading army, you just cut the stalks off and leave the tubers in the ground where they will stay good for a long time. 

While you are stalking up on water and freeze-dried food, you may want to store some Jerusalem artichoke tubers for quick planting just in case. 

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