Here’s an easy hack to try if you are getting ant colonies in your dirt and grass. 

Do you have ants invading your yard, garden, even your house? As the heat returns to Southern Utah, expect ant colonies to spring up in your yard. These are never fun, especially if you have little kids running around. 

There are generally five types of ants in our area, and each has their own peculiarities, and some are harder to get rid of than others. I especially dislike fire ants. They are small and red, and their bite is super painful. All ants can be frustrating when they invade your living space whether that is your yard or even your home. 


So here is my easy hack that often works. When I see colonies of ants in my yard, I wait until the part of the day when they are most active. I get a shovel and scoop up dirt and ants from one of the colonies and put them in a bucket. I take them to a colony across the yard and dump them there. I do the same with all the ant piles in my yard. 

Ant War
Ant War

When ants from one colony end up confronting those from another, there is a stand-off and sometimes battles ensue. Ants don’t like their queens to be threatened and will take action. In fact, they don’t like it so much, they usually take the queen and move. This is what you are trying to achieve. 

Mix up all the ant piles in your yard and soon none of them want to be there. If the ants are in a crack in the side walk and you can't scoop them up with a shovel, a drop of syrup will attract them into a bucket as well.

Give it a try and see how it works for you. If you are still having trouble with ants in the heat of Southern Utah, call in a professional. Probably should have done that in the first place. 


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