Daylight savings is fast approaching again in Utah. It comes around sooner than you think in the spring, and we will be losing an hour again on March 10th. Once again, our sleep patterns will be messed up and it will take a couple weeks to adjust. 

Photo by Shane on Unsplash
Photo by Shane on Unsplash

Will Washington end daylight savings? 

Despite calls for an end daylight savings every year from legislators, the move to actually get rid of it always stalls. When people are upset about it and express their hate for the time change, legislation gets introduced, but it always seems to fizzle out in some committee meeting. 

Did Utah vote to stay on the same time? 

Utah did pass a law in 2020 that said we would stay at the time as long as congress permits it. Many other states have similar legislation. That is close to doing something, but it still leaves it up to whatever happens in those meetings where the legislation quietly dies. 

What time is best? 

Part of the problem is different states have different reasons for which permanent time they would choose. Do you go with the winter time change or the summer and how will it affect interacting with states and businesses that differ.

Most of us don’t care which time is chosen as long as we don’t have to turn our clocks backward or forwards. If the states can’t get it done, maybe the counties could. If Southern Utah were to go with the same time as Arizona, that might work better anyway. 

Having said this, my belief that this will ever fizzling out just like the legislation does every year. 

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