There are federal and state laws detailing squatters' rights. That’s where someone moves into an abandoned property and eventually it becomes theirs. I think that’s a pretty weird concept. 

In Utah, you can claim possession if you have lived on the property for seven years, made improvements, paid taxes, and did it all very publicly. Even then, the original owner can take the case before a judge, and it will be decided on the evidence. 

There are stories in the news of people moving into a home while the family is on vacation. Often, they are older folks who find their second home is being occupied or someone moved in while they were visiting family.  

In these situations, it takes time to go through the legal process to have the squatters removed. The police and the courts have to establish exactly what has gone on and it can drag out the process. 

You may have seen a viral story about the guy who removed squatters from his mom’s home. He had his mom write up a lease and moved in with the squatters. Things became uncomfortable and they all cleared out. It’s pretty funny. 

The same guy is now offering his services to others. He has the owner write up a lease and moves in with the people there. Then he puts up cameras in every room and tells them they are going to be on reality television. It doesn’t take long for them to move on. 

Utah has had problems with squatters taking over vacant homes. One homeowner was chased down the street by a man wielding a machete who had taken up residence. 

If I ever have a problem with a squatter, I’m calling my aunt Luella. She’d be happy to move in and I guarantee the place would be cleared out in an hour. Of course, then I have to figure out what to do with Luella. 

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