Storage units are a great place to keep household or business items at a reasonable cost. People store their washer and dryer, couches, business files and anything else you might need later. The one thing you can’t put in a storage yourself. 

I Can't Rent A Storage Unit To Live In?

Utah law prohibits using a storage unit as a residence:

(b) "Self-service storage facility" does not include: (i) a warehouse described in Section 70A-7a-102; (ii) real property used for residential purposes; or (iii) a facility that issues a warehouse receipt, bill of lading, or other document of title for theSelf-storage facility does not include...real property used for residential purposes.”

It is illegal to stay in storage units. If you are found sleeping in one, you could be arrested. There is no water or bathrooms, and it can be even worse for you if you have children inside.

Can I Just Chill on My Stored Couch?

So, what about just hanging out in my storage unit for some peace and quiet? You can do this, if it’s all right with the owner of the facility. However, there are a lot more beautiful places to go for relaxation. A park, or anywhere else in nature would probably be better than a metal square with all your belongings.

Can I Make A Storage Unit Into An Office?

Some people have thought of working from a storage unit. Once again, not the ideal place. There is no real ventilation, and it locks from the outside. Plus, you may not impress that big client when you bring them in for your big pitch.

What About Drums and Screamin' Guitars?

How about band practice? Your neighbors are sick of you playing death metal tunes from your garage, a storage unit might be a good option. Once again, you would need approval from the owner of the place, and you would need enough electricity to run all your equipment. You also might want a unit near a record company just in case you get discovered. 

Renting a storage unit can be a life saver when you need somewhere to put your stuff in-between moving and such. Just don’t try to live in it. 

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